The Science Of Numbers 

Explore the meaning of numbers and their fascinating, almost magical role in our day-to-day lives. Adhira talks about why numbers are not just an abstract concept but are very much an intrinsic part of the universe we live in.
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By Abha Bhalla

To understand the science of numbers, let’s start at the very beginning – right where we are from our own bodies and our environment to the natural world around us. To your amazement, you will find that everything in and around us follows a number pattern, a sequence, and has a cyclical rhythm to it. Let’s take the example of the famous Fibonacci numbers, named after the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. It was discovered much before by Virahanka, a linguist in ancient India, and finds its mention in ancient texts as well. It is a sequence of numbers that is arrived at by adding the earlier 2 numbers, like 1+0=1, 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on.

The Golden Ratio

When we divide any two consecutive numbers in this series we get a ratio of 1.6 which is now famous as the Golden Ratio. What is the relevance of all this? So here’s a little fun exercise for our young readers. If you look at your body and measure the height from the top of your head to your belly button versus your full height, you will find that it is a Golden Ratio. Similarly,  check the length of your palm to your forearm or measure the width to the length of your front two teeth, and these will also be a Golden Ratio. In fact, your body is a Golden Ratio repeated over and over again and it even appears in the helix of your DNA.

Let’s move a bit outward to our environment. If you count the number of petals in a flower, the number of seeds in an apple, or even the arrangements of seeds in a sunflower. The same applies to the spirals in pineapples, the curves of a seashell, the spirals in hurricanes or tornadoes, and even the spiral of our galaxy Milky Way, they all follow the Golden Ratio. 

The language of mathematics

Isn’t it cool how the maths we study in class is not just an abstract concept but is very much an intrinsic part of the universe we live in? It seems that scientists, artists, architects and even musicians have long known about this Golden Ratio and have utilised it extensively in their work. The famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci uses this Golden Ratio, and so do the pyramids in Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India. It seems that designs that follow this Golden Ratio are more attractive and appealing to us and so these days it is used by corporations in marketing products, designing logos, and branding. It is even used in stock trading, in algorithms and the list goes on and on.

Whether we know about this Golden Ratio or not, it pervades our lives and influences it extensively. If we look at this another way, we will also find that nature follows a rhythm or a cyclical pattern. The cycle of day and night, the cycle of the seasons that repeat itself endlessly, and the cyclical motion of the planets in our solar system that is so precise can all be mathematically calculated decades in advance (the science on which astrology is based). And so, we can clearly see that everything in the universe follows a mathematical precision that is designed to support life in the most optimal way. One just wonders at the divine intelligence, that invisible force, which has so beautifully and precisely designed this magical mathematical universe of ours! If we look with a keen eye, we will find that there are mathematical codes hidden all around the universe, when unlocked give us great clues and insights into living a more fulfilling life. As Galileo rightly said, “The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.”

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The effect of numbers

These numbers affect us both on a cosmic as well as a personal level and their power can be used to create harmony and success in our lives. For instance, your name which is a sound is just energy vibrating at a particular frequency and it can be written mathematically as a number. If this number is scientifically calculated to match our highest vibration then we find it creates a beautiful harmony in our world. It becomes a powerful tool to assist us in living our most fulfilling life. It’s like we are flowing along the rhythm of life and not against it. And this flow can help us blossom to our highest potential and guide us to our success and fulfilment. 

Whether we know about numbers and their role or not, we all are still subjected to their effect and so it’s only wise to use them to our best advantage. And this is why a balanced name can be utilised to create the success, joy and fulfilment we seek in our lives. I wish you the highest expression of yourself!

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