Is Santa Claus Real?

When the time comes to rip the band-aid, some parents find it simpler to explain that Santa isn’t real, whereas others find it too difficult, to tell the truth. One day, your kids will inevitably conclude that Santa is a myth, but till then, here’s how you can broach the matter while preserving the festive spirit.
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Explaining Christmas Traditions to Kids.

By Khushi Mohunta

Now that Christmas is here, children are asking the yearly holiday questions – Do the elves build Nintendo Switches? Why does Timmy get more toys? What city does Santa live in? And finally, the challenging question about the actual possibility of Santa Claus’ existence. It cannot be easy to decide how to educate children about Santa and what to tell them. 

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Give Them The Option To Decide

Once they grow up, kids can decide whether to keep believing the things they believed earlier. Start by explaining that everyone has the choice to believe in magic or not as soon as they are old enough to comprehend choices and their power. You might also underline that everyone has the freedom to have any beliefs they choose, but that this is a matter of personal preference. Mention the inexplicable parts of life, the beauty and joy of believing in magic and how it makes everything feel more special, as reasons why people choose to believe in them.

Watch Out For Questions And How They Are Posed

It’s normal to have doubts about Santa Claus as you get older. However, parents are in charge of how they combat these doubts. Are children merely requesting more information about Santa, or are there other factors at play? It could be time to determine how to wind things down once you notice the queries popping up more frequently. It can be helpful to ask a youngster why they believe it is true when they remark, “Santa isn’t real, is he?” Ask them what they think about the reality of Santa. If they tell you that Santa is just a myth, especially if their friends say the same thing, there is an indication that your child is open to hearing the truth.

Make Your Child Understand The Real Meaning Of Santa

They’ve probably observed that most of the Santas you see are just people in costumes dressed like one. Perhaps one of their friends’ favourite topics of conversation is that Santa Claus does not exist. It is essential to acknowledge the unique nature of this conversation and that your child has shown readiness for it. It would be best if you tell them the truth as they mature, they’re stronger at heart as well as old enough to assist others in feeling the spirit of Santa’s generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness, even if they don’t believe in it anymore.

Tell Them How You Learned About It

Narrate a tale of how you first discovered the truth. Share your personal experience and how you responded to it. Your story of how you learned about Santa Claus can interest your child as well. They may calm down if you explain that your parents and many other parents led their children to believe the same thing when you were young and that you were attempting to make their Christmas truly special, just as your parents did for you.

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We are not advocating that you reveal the secret of Santa or keep it. Your responsibility as a parent is to remind your child not to tell other kids or their siblings that there isn’t actually a flying reindeer or a man in a giant red suit coming down the chimney. Ultimately, it is up to the parent to decide how to handle the ‘Santa talk’. Since you are their parent, you are in the best position to judge how your child will respond to the conversation. Furthermore, there is no shame in keeping the Christmas spirit alive in your homes and hearts while continuing to experience its wonders.

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