Da Parrentico Parenting Magazine – January 2023

Da Parrentico – A Parenting Magazine

January Edition with Mahhi Vij on cover

Da Parrentico has been striving to bring parents the best advice and knowledge from across industries and experts. With our newest edition, we wanted to start the year with a mixed bag of information from new and old contributors, offing the best advice for your kids. Starring on our cover, we’ve got Mahhi Vij speaking about her journey with IVF and conceiving Tara amidst the chaos. Her inspirational story is one that will compel you to see the perspective of mothers who can’t conceive naturally. We also have expert advice from Barkha Bisht talking about how new year’s resolutions are the foundation of building dreams for kids. Read on to learn more about parenting and educational trends for 2023, and give your kid all the opportunities they deserve. From how to pack your hospital bag to how to plan the best cruise vacation, our January edition is the perfect way to start off the year!