The Influence Of Supportive Partners During Pregnancy

As the partner of a pregnant woman, your involvement in every aspect of the pregnancy is vital. It will not only positively affect your relationship but also contribute to the overall well-being of your partner and infant. 
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The Importance of a supportive partner

Pregnancy is a time for big changes, and it takes a lot of energy to nurture a few cells into a precious, living baby. However, pregnancy is a team effort, and a pregnant woman’s partner is expected to be more involved than ever before. That means no more giving into the archetype of staying in the waiting room while your partner delivers your beautiful child into the world.

Your involvement in every aspect of the pregnancy is vital. It will not only positively affect your relationship but also contribute to the overall well-being of your partner and infant. For instance, a recent study showed that women with a supportive partner during pregnancy are more likely to avoid harmful behaviour like smoking and pick up healthier habits. Many studies also state maternal mental health can impact foetal behaviour and development, while a supportive partner can help them avoid stress during and after pregnancy.

How you can be an amazing and supportive partner

One of the best ways to support your partner is to ask her what you can do for her and what she needs. But asking questions too often may burden your partner. So, stay proactive and educate yourself on what your partner may be going through. From scheduling doctor appointments and taking on a few extra chores to cooking their favourite meal, you can help your partner in many ways. 

  • Learn as much as you can

Get your hands on some good pregnancy books, magazines, and blogs. These great resources can give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect during each trimester. Another way you can learn is by attending child-birthing classes among other expecting couples. You can also reach out to your partner’s healthcare provider for more personalised guidance.

  • Stay emotionally connected with your partner

Pregnancy can trigger emotions for you and your partner, like anxiousness, uncertainty, excitement, and more. Try to create an environment where no topic is off limits, and you both can share your feelings with an open mind. This will provide the emotional support you both need to work through your concerns. 

  • Stay involved and make some memories during the journey

Involve yourself in medical appointments, discuss prenatal tests that you want to attend, and find the best healthcare provider. But while you do this, don’t forget that your partner and you deserve to relax and have a few carefree nights because you will scarcely be getting those after your child is born. Take a trip to the beach, enjoy walks in the countryside, or lounge around in bed all day. Do what makes you happy, and make sure you do it together.

Your well-being is important as well

Always being there to support your partner through pregnancy can be taxing, which is why you need to take care of yourself too. During the pregnancy, you will ensure your partner is emotionally comfortable, eating healthy, exercising, and not indulging in harmful habits like smoking and drinking. You can make sure you do the same and stay healthy together. Remember that you are not alone if you feel depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. Share what you are going through with your partner. You can also talk to family, friends, or a professional to take the appropriate steps for your emotional well-being. 

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