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Apps That Assist Parents

Worrying about your children is natural but running around them to ensure their safety becomes tedious and exhausting. With advancements in technology, let technology be your “third eye.” Here are a few parental control apps to use right now.
lifestyle parenting
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Is Santa Claus Real?

When the time comes to rip the band-aid, some parents find it simpler to explain that Santa isn’t real, whereas others find it too difficult, to tell the truth. One day, your kids will inevitably conclude that Santa is a myth, but till then, here’s how you can broach the matter while preserving the festive spirit.

Engage Kids With Diwali Prep – Here’s Why 

Diwali is a busy time for Indian families. But before the festivities begin, there is a lot of preparation to be done around the house. Sidhi Kapoor shares why she believes kids must always be involved in Diwali prep and how she keeps her children busy during the festival season.
lifestyle parenting
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Interactive Toys for Kids

This is a generation of “big boys’ toys,” but in the hurry of our modern lives, we should not forget how important interaction is for our kids. Here is a list of some interactive toys to keep your child entertained throughout the day.
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