Celebrating the 9th Annual AHPS Mega Competition

Every year, Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) organises Mega Competitions for its thousands of students across the nation at the Gateway Group of Institutions in Sonipat, Haryana. This year was no different. With Mr. Anand Kumar, the brilliant mind behind the well-known Super 30 programme, as the Chief Guest, AHPS hosted the grand event with great vim and vigour. This was the 9th edition of Mega Competitions, but what made it distinctive is that it was held physically after two years of going virtual under unprecedented circumstances caused by the pandemic.    

AHPS is a reputed name in the formal school segment. There are 110+ AHPS schools nationwide and this formal school chain is continuously expanding. Co-curricular activities play a key role in education; that’s where Mega Competitions fit in.  

Over 31 AHPS schools participated in the 9th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions, and the whole country bore witness to the event through live-streaming. More than 90 competitions were held during the three-day event in broad categories of Academics, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Sports. 

Day 1

The opening ceremony marked the first day of the 9th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions. Mr. Tijay Gupta (COO of AHPS Group), Mr. Krishan Sharma (Vice President of AHPS Group), Mr. N.K. Jain (CFO of AHPS Group), and Ms. Rosy Ahuja (Vice President of R&D at AHPS Group) welcomed the students on a positive note and unveiled the Champion’s Trophy in the opening ceremony to strengthen the sense of purpose in all participants.

Apart from motivational speeches, students also got to witness musical performances during their welcome. 

Day 2

All the 90+ competitions in different categories took place on the second day of the Mega Competitions. Students participated in various sports competitions such as swimming, volleyball, tennis, racing, and football. Also, students participated in Yoga activities, showed their excellence in academic competitions, displayed their inimitable dancing and painting abilities on stage, and showed their unparalleled resolve in every other competition and activity in the Mega Competitions. 

AHPS Team ensured that all the competitions took place in a smooth manner with breaks included for all students. The hectic day concluded phenomenally because of the DJ Night that spread fun and frolic in every corner of the event.

Day 3

The third day of the 9th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions consisted of a prize distribution ceremony. Students were awarded medals and certificates of excellence. AHPS Karad emerged victorious and won the Champion’s Trophy and also the laurels. 

What made it all memorable is that Mr. Anand Kumar (a renowned Maths educator) graced the occasion with his presence as the Chief Guest. He sowed the seeds of perseverance and big dreams in young minds, distributed the prizes, and also answered fascinating questions asked by the founder of AHPS Group of Schools, Mr. Ajay Gupta. Mr. Ajay Gupta is a serial entrepreneur who founded the Bachpan Play School chain and Hum Honge Kamyab Foundation (HHK) besides the AHPS chain. He also co-founded India’s first social-impact university which goes by the name of Rishihood. 

9th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions took place as a physical event after two long years, but one more thing distinguished this grand event. HHK in association with AHPS launched the Social Impact Achievement Award and selected three students as the winners of this award. 

For the first time in this grand three-day event’s history then, students were made to excel not only in the domains of academics, sports, and arts but also in the domain of social impact. The Chief Guest of the 9th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions rewarded all the winners with cash prizes, medals, and certificates. 

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