A Year Around The Sun With Our Baby, Nihira 

The first year with your child comes with many sweet memories that you cherish for a lifetime – from their first step to their first word, and even their first birthday. Piyush and Yamini Aggarwal share what their first year with baby Nihira has been like.
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Piyush And Yamini Aggarwal 

By Ayushi Pandey

Piyush And Yamini Aggarwal are well-known Indian Content Creators, Bloggers, and Youtubers who have a massive fan following on social media platforms. They are the face behind the trending Youtube channel, ‘PiyushYaminiOfficial’, where they share a glimpse into their life as a couple, parents, travellers, and much more. Blessed with a daughter in 2021, the couple has cherished every moment with her. Talking about their year of firsts with daughter Nihira, Piyush And Yamini can’t stop gushing about their cute bundle of joy!

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A Year Around The Sun With Our Baby, Nihira  8

Celebrating All The Firsts

Question: Tell us about the moment you laid eyes on your baby girl for the first time.

I remember when Nihira was born, she did not open her eyes immediately. She took one full day to properly open her eyes and we could see she had beautiful brown eyes, just like her father! I clearly remember it was very beautiful for us. For the first time, as a mother I felt like, ‘this is my baby and I’m her mother’ and that sense of motherhood dawned on me for the very first time. We realized that this is going to be our future, she is going to be someone we put in all our hard work for and we are going to make it a very beautiful world for her.

Question: How was the last year for you?

The last 1 year was great. Everything in life has been going great and with our child growing up, we are also growing as parents. We are learning new things every day about our baby, about how she is developing and how we can evolve as parents and become more responsible human beings. We even learned how to manage our time between work and family. Obviously, there have been many challenges but in the end, it’s all very rewarding to have this cute little toddler and taking care of her! Piyush is someone who spoils her a lot and even when she is throwing tantrums or being stubborn, he just gives her whatever she wants. On the other hand, I’m a strict mom. I give her everything that she could possibly want but I also keep everything in control so I am the one disciplining her and trying to keep her tantrums in control.

Question: Tell us about your daughter’s first birthday. How did you celebrate?

Nihira’s first birthday was the grandest celebration in our family! We were so excited and I had started preparing for it two months in advance. We called all our friends and family and I remember there were more than 100 people and it was a very amazing party. We celebrated with her and she had started walking so the three of us walked down with a huge teddy bear and lots of firecrackers. It was really amazing and we were so happy to be celebrating our daughter, more than anything.

Question: Tell us about some of Nihira’s baby milestones.

Nihira’s first words were ‘dada’ and I remember everybody used to tease me that she probably loves her dad more. It took her a while to say ‘mumma’ but now she repeats this word maybe 500 times a day! She first walked at 13 months, which was no surprise as she had started getting up and standing on her feet very early. After that, there was no stopping her! She never stays in one place – she wants to climb and reach for things and touch everything that comes her way. 

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A Year Around The Sun With Our Baby, Nihira  9

Highs And Lows Of Parenting

Question: How were the initial months for you as parents? 

For me, as a mother, it was really emotionally and physically taxing due to two things that were very difficult – feeding and staying up at night because every two hours she would wake up and sometimes there was cluster feeding throughout the night. I know a lot of people don’t say it like it is, but initially, when the baby is born, it takes a while for you to understand what they need and get used to being a parent. In the first 3-4 months, there are loads and loads of changes happening within us and around us so it takes a good amount of time for a mother to adapt to those changes. It’s one of the most difficult times and post-partum depression is a real thing so it was actually a very difficult time.

For Piyush too, there was a lot of balance that he had to create. He also didn’t get a lot of sleep due to our daughter and had to juggle work as well. He made sure to create a balance between my emotional health, physical health and taking care of our daughter because a baby is very fragile and you have to be on your toes all the time. I think for him, it was about creating a good balance between his work, personal life and health. 

On the other hand, this sense of being a parent and being loved so much by our baby is amazing. There is this little kid, her eyes are full of innocence and she is just a bundle of joy who loves you a lot. You are the one who is going to take care of her and everything this kid is going to do is your responsibility. It’s very overwhelming. 

Question: What were some moments where you felt the most vulnerable?

Our daughter was born with Jaundice. On the sixth day when we took her for a regular checkup got to know her sugar levels were extremely low which could lead to complications, that was a very scary moment for us. It was a very vulnerable moment for me and something really changed after that day. I put my whole soul into ensuring her well-being and that was probably one of the most difficult days of my life.

Question: Babies grow up very fast. What’s your way of dealing with this and what is your advice to other parents?

Time with your baby flies away! Just yesterday, she was a little bundle of joy in the palm of my hand, she was so tiny and today she is a toddler walking here and there. Sometimes I feel she is even smarter than me as most of the time she is taking care of me rather than me taking care of her, and it all happened in the spur of a moment. The only advice I have for parents is that every moment with your baby is worth enjoying and keeping in mind forever. Every day they are going to do something new and you should save it all in your memory box and cherish it forever.

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