6 Creative Ideas to Engage Kids

Running around with kids can be tedious and exhausting. Here are some creative ideas you can use as parents to ensure your child does not just ‘spend’ but ‘invest’ their time.
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Encourage your child’s creativity.

by Khushi Mohunta


“Mom, I am bored. There is no one I can play around with; can I watch TV?”

“Dad, there is nothing to do. I have finished all my assignments. Can I please play video games?”

From toddlers to teens, this is a constant concern that we hear from our children. Amidst the many thoughts clubbing our minds, at that time, we either respond ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Either way, when we say ‘yes’ we end up doing no good, and when we say ‘no,’ we are caught up in the thought of losing our authority. In times like these, we are frequently perplexed as to how to keep our kids busy, or rather, creatively engage them in constructive chores and activities for their good.

6 Creative Ideas to Engage Your Child and Ensure Fun

“Children are naturally really curious,” says David Shernoff, PhD, an educational psychologist at Rutgers University. “They readily become engrossed in an activity. As a parent, you need to set up the conditions to make that more likely.” This would mean fostering their potential through constructive activities. Your role as a parent is to get things started, then sit back and let the magic stir! Here are some creative ideas to help keep your little one busy while you get involved in your work.

  1. Bake the Boredom Away: Who knows, your child could be the next talented chef? Let them bake their boredom away. Boredom-busting efforts usually turn into businesses that reap the benefits of productive days! Baking and cooking are two essential life skills. It also serves as a productive way to de-stress and rejuvenate. Kids love new things; they will be thrilled and joyous to eat the food prepared by them. Get into chef mode with your child and bake the boredom away!

2. Participate in the Experiment: Having some fun never hurts anyone. Get crafty and innovative with your kids. Involve them in some fun activities like crafts, drawing, DIY science experiments, educational videos, and watching documentaries. Whether your child is inclined to science, experiments like these will teach experimental-based learning to them, which is not only engaging but also educational for them.

3. Express with Caricatures: A caricature is a drawing of a person or thing in which the features and form have been distorted and exaggerated. Children love cartoons and caricatures because they can help a child transform the real world into worlds that are more fun, imaginative, and exciting. Ask your child to caricature a person they admire and why, and let them learn the art of gratitude and some art!

4. The Art of Puzzles and Games: Puzzles and games are something we can never keep away from any child, and with Christmas around, gift them puzzles of different genres. A puzzle weaves a story, or a narrative, through pictures. Beyond keeping the child busy, it also teaches the essential skill that, sometimes, it is events that do the talking. This is because the world is nothing but a painted picture in motion, a puzzle.

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5. Visit a Library and do Book Crafting: Books and crafts are enjoyable wintertime activities. Aren’t they? Imagine sliding into a blanket with your child and reading to them or doing warm crafts with them. What about knitting a scarf for the snowman you just put in your yard? Go library hopping and book crafting with your child, grab your Christmas and year-end reads, and munch on words!

6. Become a Secret Santa through Letters: Instil the habit of gratitude in your child. There are different methods to cultivate that, and one of them is writing letters. This Christmas, give your child the opportunity to be a Secret Santa and write letters to the people they are close to, their family, friends, teachers, and neighbours. Ask them to also make someone’s day by sending a kind letter to a stranger. Get them thinking and experimenting with words with this idea, and you will be surprised to see your children become wordsmiths!

Keeping children busy and occupied with constructive activities is the most significant and toughest thing for parents to do. It is essential to indulge in activities that help relax the mind and body. This is the time to bond with your little ones. As a parent, keep in mind that children mimic the actions of those they look up to, such as their parents and surrounding adults. They learn a lot from what they see in and around their vicinity. One should be mindful and aware of what one does throughout the day, especially in front of your kids. Set an example; be someone who inspires them. Mentor your child proactively and productively.

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