About Da Parrentico

Da Parrentico – A parenting magazine working to build a content platform that can give its readers cohesive and thought-out articles and video content that enlighten them and work towards educating and informing them about the latest that is happening around them.

Rannvijay Singha for Da Parrentico Parenting Magazine
Rannvijay Singha for Da Parrentico Parenting Magazine

Ubika Global is a global media company that produces some of the world’s leading print, digital, video, and social brands.

These include The GyltDa ParrenticoCSR Stories, Hangout, Weddingz India, among others.

Mahhi Vij for Da Parrentico Parenting Magazine
Mahhi Vij for Da Parrentico Parenting Magazine

Our colleagues and collaborators bring big ideas to life, through intelligent storytelling with a diverse points of view underscore all that we do. Each month we generate video content, print, digital, and across social platforms.

Headquartered in NCR, Ubika operates in Tier I & Tier II markets

In addition to the premium content for which we are known, we also plan to produce incomparable experiences and events like Kids’ carnivals, Talent hunts, Wedding exhibitions, and Fashion Events.

In Phase II Ubika plans to extend the company’s reach through the development of original content across OTT, television, social and digital video and virtual reality.

We know that conversation, community and diversity make us better at what we do. Our Talent portal, founded by Ubika Global, fosters and mentors digital influencers with expertise in a range of fields including fashion, beauty, sport, travel and automotive.

We inform in new and compelling ways, creating beautiful, visually arresting moments that offer new perspectives, and new forms of self-expression.

At Ubika Global, we celebrate the extraordinary. Creativity and imagination are the lifeblood of all that we do.

We are a media company for the future, with a remarkable past. We are Ubika.

Ubika Global is home to some of the brands, including The Gylt, Da Parrentico, CSR Stories, Weddingz India.

We are here to entertain, surprise, and empower. We provide exclusive access. And we are trusted to lead the way. From the brands we cultivate to the world-leading talents we engage, we are committed to the best of the best.

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